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In four months time we had visited ten countries (and hadn't even been in America together yet!), seen some of the most breathtaking sites you could imagine, fallen head over heels in love, and gone on countless adventures that I could never forget.

On my second night in Copenhagen, I met Scott, the love of my life. After hours of talking at the bar the first night, we had already planned our two week spring break together, amongst a number of other adventures. I knew in less than a week that I'd be spending the rest of my life adventuring with him by my side (especially since he patiently waits for me while I take pictures of EVERYTHING.) And, bonus, he is pretty dang awesome at taking pictures too!

I couldn't quite put my finger on why I was drawn so strongly to photography until I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012. On my first night in Copenhagen, I popped into a cafe with a few friends from school. A lonesome traveler walked through the door with a suitcase bigger than me and I desperately felt myself yearning to know his story. From that day forward I didn't leave my dorm without my camera in hand.

My passion for photography began when I was just a year old. We had a dark room in my house growing up (as my mom was a photographer) and I remember crawling in there constantly out of curiosity for the things she was creating. At age 3, I proclaimed I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up and I constantly attempted to take pictures on our vacations when I was just a toddler! This passion never really went away, but got buried by school until 2012.