my story


But, you can call me Laura, cause Lee is just my middle name!


Most days you can find me in pajamas in my office, dreaming up my next grand adventure with Scott, my incredibly supportive and handsome boyfriend!

I am a lover of all things outdoorsy: mountains, lakes, forests, beaches, cliffs, you name it. I love hiking, paddle-boarding, scuba-diving, skiing and kayaking, amongst many other things and wish I was cool enough to rock-climb. I have an obsession with elephants (real ones and collecting them), and every August I make time to frolick through the sunflower fields by my house. My favorite part of summer (or any season, really) is sitting out by my fire-pit with a glass of Riesling and a s’'more in hand with friends and family surrounding me with endless laughter. I’'m rarely ever found without a warm blanket wrapped around me, and If my wallet didn'’t frown upon it, I’'d probably buy everything in Anthropologie Home and Free People.

I believe Country concerts are the best from the lawn seats, and that life is too short not to show off my horrible dance moves. (Which may present themselves in my video in the next few pages.) When I’'m not home in NJ, you can probably find me traveling to one of the places on my bucket list (New Zealand and Iceland are currently at the top of the list!) and I wholeheartedly believe that travel makes us richer than any amount of money ever could.

My photography style is organic and timeless. I capture authentic, genuine emotions of beautiful moments that you may not have realized are happening of adventurous couples in love and I am SO lucky to call that my job.

Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while, I have so much to share with you .